About our project

We began a teacher wellbeing project in November 2019, after being shocked by national statistics regarding teacher stress, burnout, and retention, but also from our own anecdotal experiences of teacher wellbeing.

We have read a lot of research in the hope to find a robust evidence base about how teachers feel and the reasons for this. We established very early that interventions designed to stem symptoms are well intentioned, but do little to help teachers thrive in the long run.

We continue to read research and write a weekly blog post with something we’ve been exploring that week. We are also looking to roll out some credible primary research, and are looking for partners or funding to help aid that process.

Mostly, we are looking forward to making connections with others to create a recommended model for teachers and leaders about how we can empower teachers, improve stress levels, and ensure we have a healthy and thriving profession.

Rachel and Sam in Cambridge, visiting the Relationships Foundation – Nov 2019
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